Infinite Regress

My latest photography eBook – Infinite Regress – A study of Nature from close-up Macro Photography, to Landscapes, Wildlife and Astrophotography of the observable Universe.
Infinite Regress eBook


The Sculptor Galaxy (NGC 253)

The oldest light that I’ve captured thus far, from a Galaxy far, far away (situated 11.42 million light years from Earth).

One of my favorite quotes, which explains my fascination not only with the very small Macro and Microscopic objects that I started photographing many years ago, but also explains why I like looking up to photograph the Cosmos at a grander scale.

“When we consider cutting this apple pie, but down beyond a single atom we confront an infinity of the very small, and when we look up at the night sky we confront an infinity of the very large. These infinities are among the most awesome of human ideas. They represent an unending regress which goes on not just very far, but forever.” – Carl Sagan – Cosmos – The Lives of the Stars.

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